Billabong Dreamer

Heather Blakey, the webmaster of the Soul Food Cafe and Outback Online is, amongst many things, a Billabong Dreamer. She likes to sit by the billabong, typing, recalling, giving voice to her great grandfather, George Chale Watson, who spent seven years surveying the Never Never.

By the Billabong, Heather has her hardy laptop which she uses to build niche, virtual communities. Outbackonline is just one of these.

Bush Essences

Whether you call it the Never Never, Back O' Bourke, or the Red Centre, Australia's Outback remains vast and strange, belying the notion that there are no frontiers left in the world.

The BURKE & WILLS expedition was the first crossing of Australia. Travelling from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria this folk loric story of epic endurance is filled with strength , challenge, determination, courage and survival in the harshest of Australian elements. If Burke and Wills could have come on-line perhaps history would be different.

It is the mission of Outback Online to bring to the Australian Outback an eclectic collection of arts, literature, ideas, stories and information. Watch to see what it becomes!

I love a sunburnt country...

Celebrate being Australian, learn about Australian History and discover the essence of creativity all at the same time. The Dig Tree and the image of the Drover's Wife are etched in to the Australian pysche as two of the greatest ironic tragedies.

Dig and unearth some of the secrets of creativity. The Dig Tree was designed by Greg Blakey, a talented design student, with flair, imagination and the ability to meet the needs of his clients. Greg has created, amongst other things, Soul Food's zany Magic Writing Tram.

Made in Australia

A wonderful Australian Advent gift came from Heather at Soul Food Cafe, who prepared a virtual Advent Calendar , with one 'door' to be opened every day through to Dec 26. Like everything at Soul Food, this is a labor of love packed with good writing, thoughts and ideas both for making this a rewarding and fruitful time, and especially for navigating the sometimes stormy and difficult waters of the holiday season.
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Origin of Lemuria

Echoes of Lemuria were heard by G.C. Watson in Longreach, Queensland in 1874 when he worked as a surveyor for the Crown. Those echoes are still vibrating today.

Mountain Tops of Lemuria

Waltz with Matilda
Salute to Pioneers

Outback Tourism

Bourke Information